How Much Can I Make?

Deck Medic franchise owners are capitalizing on the incredible demand for deck restoration services

“How much can I make?” is the question every entrepreneur is asking about any business opportunity. If you’re going to leave a career and invest your life savings, you have every right to find out if the risk will be worth the reward. Deck Medic, the top-rated deck restoration services franchise, offers a proven business model designed to maximize profitability and built for lasting growth.

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“We know our franchise owners are investing real money to franchise with us. We take that extremely seriously,” says Jeff Konopack, Director of Franchise Development, and the owner of a Deck Medic franchise. “The success of our franchise owners is of paramount importance to us. It drives everything we do. The fact that many of our franchise owners are experiencing record-breaking sales and cannot keep up with the amount of work available is proof our business model works. We’re proud to say this is a business with life-changing potential.”

One reason Deck Medic is such a potentially lucrative business opportunity is because we’re the leader in our category. Our competition consists of small-time mom and pop operators who do not have the expertise, the experience, and product line to deliver the results customers expect.

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As the leading deck restoration franchise in the nation, Deck Medic is positioned to dominate a rapidly growing segment of the $450 billion home remodeling industry.

We not only fix sick decks, we keep healthy decks well

The reason homeowners love Deck Medic is the same reason they hire us time and time again. We’re the experts in what we do. Our five-step process and our proprietary product line is far beyond what our competitors can offer. This leads to long-term relationships with clients that can add up to a lot over time.

While we’re busy servicing our existing clients, Deck Medic franchise owners do not have a problem getting the phone to ring. In fact, most of our franchise owners have more work than they can handle, and are booked out months in advance.

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“The demand is phenomenal,” says Bryan Alcock, owner of a Deck Medic franchise. “My franchise is booked out months in advance every single year. People will call me in April, and tell me, ‘I want to get in early,’ and I’ll tell them, ‘Well, early was June or July the year before.’ There’s so much work that it’s only limited by how big you want to grow your operation.”

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As the leading deck restoration franchise in the nation, Deck Medic is positioned to dominate a rapidly growing segment of the $450 billion home remodeling industry.

We stay busy all year long

Deck Medic franchisees can do more than fix decks. We restore everything from play sets, fences, porches, and more. If it’s wood and it’s outside, we can handle it!

In addition to outdoor wood restoration work, many of our franchise owners bring in additional revenue by hanging up Christmas lights during the holiday season. For franchise owners in the colder climates, it means Deck Medic can be profitable all year round. For franchise owners in warmer climates, adding the holiday lighting service can drive more profitability and help your business grow.

“We’re not limited to decks by any means,” Alcock says. “One of the biggest advantages of being part of the Deck Medic brand is we’re all trying to make our franchise locations as profitable as possible, and learn from each other. If one franchise owner has a great new idea, we all benefit. The only way you can be limited in this business is if you limit yourself.”

Deck restoration services in your community

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