How Big is the Demand?

The Home Remodeling Economy is Booming, and Deck Medic Franchise Owners Have More Work Than They Can Handle

Americans have never spent more on home improvement or home remodeling projects than they are right now. The pandemic changed consumer spending habits in a fundamental way: people who were used to spending their money on vacations, dining out, and other luxury items now choose to reinvest in their homes.

One of the major shifts in home remodeling is that people are rediscovering their backyards, and are choosing to create beautiful spaces that bring people together, act as private retreats, and provide a great setting to hang out, unwind, and relax.

For many homeowners, this starts with the deck. In fact, NPR published an article entitled, “Why Home Improvement Has Surged And How It’s Changing America,” reporting that deck construction went up 275% in 2020. With over 500,000 decks built in America over the last decade. According to Statista, the rise in deck construction is creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs to provide a service that every deck owner needs: deck restoration.

“The wood restoration category is exploding, and it’s going to continue for several years,” says Jeff Konopack, VP of Franchise Development and owner of a Deck Medic franchise. “All the decks and fences built over the last few years will have to be stained and cleaned. Homeowners want to protect their investment and keep their decks looking beautiful, and Deck Medic delivers the results they expect. The rapidly growing demand and the change in peoples’ spending habits and lifestyles make an incredible time to franchise with Deck Medic.”

Our Franchise Owners are Booked Out Months in Advance

While many industries were negatively impacted by the pandemic, Deck Medic continued to grow. In fact, many Deck Medic franchise owners have an enviable problem: there’s simply too much work.

“You’ll never run out of customers,” Konopack says. “You’re really only limited by your ability to invest in more vans, and most importantly, hire and retain employees. I’m booked out months in advance, and the majority of our franchise owners are booked out months in advance, and this was happening even before the pandemic. Now, the demand is through the roof, and so is the potential to do well in this business.”

Our Business Model is Built on Repeat Business

One of the reasons why Deck Medic franchise owners are booked months in advance is that so much of our business comes from existing customers. Our ability to deliver a service unmatched in the industry translates into long-lasting and lucrative relationships with our customers.

“We educate our customers on the value of regular maintenance, and we’re able to win customers for life,” Konopack says. “Because we do such a thorough job the first time, maintenance is much easier for our franchise owners and their teams, and also more profitable. We’re able to provide a service that makes it easy for our customers. They know that every couple of years we will be back to make their outdoor spaces look beautiful again. It’s a win-win for the customer and for us.”

deck medic worker fixing wood ceilingMore Than Decks: Benefit From Multiple Revenue Streams

Deck Medic doesn’t just specialize in decks, we also restore all manner of outdoor wood surfaces, including:

  • Play sets
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos
  • Fences
  • Porches
  • And more!

Deck Medic is also a business that can be profitable year-round. Depending on the seasonality of your market, you can work in the warm weather, or you can find additional revenue streams, such as hanging Christmas lights in colder markets.

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As the leading deck restoration franchise in the nation, Deck Medic is positioned to dominate a rapidly growing segment of the $450 billion home remodeling industry.

“Many of our franchise owners make a killing putting up Christmas lights in the offseason,” Konopack says. “But I do well enough that I like to enjoy a month in Florida in the winter. That’s the beauty of this business. It’s up to you how big you want it to get and how much work/life balance you want to enjoy. Our job is to help you exceed your goals.”

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